Gastec Gas & Power

Natural gas is the cleanest fossil energy source. Nigeria is ranked with the 9th largest gas reserves in the world with 180 trillion cubic feet of gas reserves and 600 trillion cubic feet estimated potential. Its gas reserves will be the most important feedstock for power and heat generation to some extent. Gastec Gas & Power is part of the Gastec Group Nigeria and is responsible for the group’s activities in the Gas & Power sector. As a result, Gastec’s G&P division will gain importance in this area of operation. An essential factor of success is the integrated structure of the G&P division – integrated with upstream and covering the entire gas and power value chain.


The three business units of Supply, Marketing & Trading, Power and Logistics focus on the profitable growth strategy of the business segment and on four main objectives: identification and development of the most attractive markets for gas portfolio growth, build-up and management of sales and supply positions, development and management of supporting infrastructure (pipeline, storage) and maximizing the integrated value through portfolio optimization.

Our areas of operations are in:

  • Thermal
  • Gas & LNG
  • Renewable
  • Hydropower
  • Energy Management
  • Transmission & Distribution