Kings Holdings

Kings Holdings: a certain idea of the private sector’s contribution

Kings Holdings overseas infrastructure investments to the Group from international concession granting funding partners for infrastructure projects in Nigeria and Africa beyond. It has the financial backing from institutional and Venture Capital investors from overseas. It benefits from a constant exchange of expertise and synergies with all GASTEC’s business lines. Bit by bit, Kings Holdings has thus enhanced its performance, including its internal organisation, in order to better meet the needs of its public stakeholders.


An appropriate response at each stage

Kings Holdings offers the full complement of capabilities needed to be an effective partner. To support public authorities at each stage of their projects, Kings Holdings makes available to them its entrepreneurial culture, which enables it to be:

  • Resourceful and pragmatic
  • Bold and methodical
  • Dynamic and service-oriented

Kings Holdings is organised in three large teams, corresponding to the three main stages in the life of contracts:

1 – Development – working together to devise the project:

Developers are in charge of managing contracts, from the planning stage to signature:

  • Identification of the expected economic and social benefits to society and users
  • Consultation of local residents, institutions and civic organisations
  • Optimisation of the project definition and functions in light of expectations
  • Analysis of the financial feasibility of the project and drafting of a financing scheme enabling the project to be carried out with a high level of quality and at an acceptable cost for all parties (financial engineering)
  • drafting of a framework guaranteeing legal stability and security of the future contract and its environment

The comprehensive approach taken by Kings Holdings’ development teams makes it possible to structure long-term projects that are typical of public infrastructure and facilities.

2 – Programme management – grounding the project

Once the contracts have been signed, they may be forwarded to programme management teams. Since Kings Holdingss is the primary interface with the public contracting authority, those responsible for programme management must perform the following missions:

  • Act as the interface with the structure’s builders, stimulate exchanges of information and communication
  • Support implementation with the best quality of execution, costs and schedule compliance
  • Fully take on board the social and environmental responsibilities that go with our business activity
  • Provide support and advice for recruiting and coordinating the necessary expertise from local and international partners
  • Set up the administrative tools to ensure efficient transition to the operation and maintenance phase

3 – Operation – developing a team culture

Kings Holdings operating teams are responsible for managing the contract over time, with the following objectives:

  • Reason in terms of user satisfaction and focus our entire approach on the public interest over the entire lifetime of our contracts
  • Propose pricing policies that are matched to demand
  • Maintain our infrastructure in perfect operating condition
  • Provide the public authorities with written proof of our good management (financial, technical, quality reports) in a cooperative management system
  • Propose innovative solutions to adapt our services to the environment and to new concerns
  • Develop management tools and tracking indicators to measure sustainable value creation

In a nutshell, the teams that operate our various infrastructure concessions share a common approach that transforms problems into solutions. This enables us to spontaneously take on board and meet the changing needs of concession grantors and users.

At Kings Holdings, this organisation of our business activities has enabled us to consolidate our operations in activities with which we are familiar and position ourselves strategically and effectively in other sectors as well. Our approach is based on respect, transparency, forward planning, consultations and determination to cope with the complexities of projects. We are thereby able, day after day, to consolidate our position. We therefore operate in a wide variety of business activities:

  • Marine /Sea Port Development
  • Power
  • Gas based industries e.g Petrochemical, Methanol and Fertilizer Complex
  • Bridges and tunnels
  • Public facilities
  • Information Communication Technology
  • Railway infrastructure