Message from the CEO

Our reputation and integrity are central to Gastec Group’s ability to conduct business worldwide. I am personally dedicated to continuing a culture in which people are committed to integrity. Of all of our shared values, none is more important. I am pleased to present to you the Gastec Group Code of Business Conduct. The Code reflects who we are as a company – and maintains our indelible commitment to doing the right thing. Our Company has a rock-solid culture which promotes ethical conduct in all that we do. Every employee has a duty – to our shareholders, customers and to each other – to safeguard that invaluable asset.

For each employee this means knowing the Company policies that apply to their job; always acting in an ethical and lawful manner; promptly seeking guidance if unsure of any matter concerning law, ethics or Company policy; and reporting any actual, attempted or suspected violations of law or Company policy using the procedures described in the Code.

On this last point, there should be no doubt that reporting ethical concerns is essential to protecting the Company’s interests and reputation. For this reason please be assured that any retaliation against those who report concerns is not only against our policy but will be dealt with very seriously. As an employee, reporting concerns is your responsibility and duty.

Managers, of course, have additional duties under our Code. These include leading by example, ensuring that those who work for them are familiar with the policies that apply to their jobs and maintaining a workplace environment in which employees feel comfortable raising concerns. At Gastec Group, ethical leadership is an essential component of effective leadership.

As CEO, my commitment to doing the right thing could not be stronger. Enhancing our standard of performance is a personal goal. Like safety, quality and financial responsibility, ethics is not a “sometimes” proposition for me. Rather, it is simply how we do business – no matter what the cost or consequences. So, please read the Code carefully. While it cannot cover every issue that might arise, the Code is an invaluable resource for helping ensure that our actions are consistent with our words, and that we safeguard our Company’s reputation for many years to come.